About Interpeace

Interpeace has been enabling societies to build lasting peace since 1994.

Interpeace is an independent, international peacebuilding organization and a strategic partner of the United Nations.

It supports national teams in countries across Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, and the Middle East. Interpeace also has a thematic program on constitution-making. Over 300 peacebuilding experts work to help their societies manage their internal divisions and conflicts without resorting to violence or coercion.

The Interpeace approach contributes to building lasting peace through inclusive and nationally led processes of change.

Interpeace also works to assist the international community, and in particular the United Nations, to play a more effective role in supporting peacebuilding efforts around the world.

It is headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), and has offices in Brussels (Belgium), Guatemala City (Guatemala), Nairobi (Kenya), and New York (USA).

Interpeace is a nonprofit organization and its peacebuilding work is funded by generous contributions from governments, multilateral organizations, foundations, and private individuals.