2.2 Public participation

In this section we discuss the role of public participation in constitution-making, how to facilitate an inclusive process (see box 9) as well as the risks and opportunities related to a highly participatory process. We then focus on the tasks undertaken by constitution-making bodies to promote public participation in the official process. They include preparing the public to participate through civic education and public information campaigns, as well as consulting the public on issues such as whether a process should take place (and how) and what should be in the constitution itself.

Some aspects of public participation in constitution-making processes are not discussed in this section, but are instead considered elsewhere in this handbook. We discuss the referendum procedure in part 3.5. Issues about how civil society and the media participate in the official process are discussed in part 4.1. Representation of the diversity of the nation as a whole in constitution-making bodies is discussed in various sections related to establishing the institutions of constitution-making in part 3.