Sample code of conduct for civic education providers

[The Constitution-making Body X—hereinafter, “the CMB X”] is mandated to conduct civic education [under Authority X or Law X]. To ensure that the CMB X is able to carry out civic education and prepare the public to participate, it will cooperate with agencies or organizations with the capacity and commitment to help with this effort.

The agencies and organizations providing civic education will be expected to conduct all civic education activities in strict accordance with the civic education guidelines set by the CMB X. They shall not be motivated by profit or gain beyond legitimate expenses they may incur in respect of duties undertaken on behalf of or in collaboration with the CMB X. They are expected to carry out all activities in accordance with the principles stated in the code of conduct as set forth below.

  1. Each civic education provider shall conduct civic education in accordance with the curriculum prepared or approved by the CMB X.
  2. The CMB X requires that every civic education provider conduct all civic education activities without partiality, advocacy, or influence from any person or group.
  3. Every civic education provider shall refrain from engaging in any activity that would discredit the work or image of the CMB X.
  4. Every civic education provider shall refuse any gift, favor, hospitality, or inducement that would influence or appear to influence the discharge of its duties.
  5. Every civic education provider shall ensure that all citizens are accorded the opportunity to participate freely and effectively in the civic education program without intimidation, coercion, threat, duress, or undue influence.
  6. Every civic education provider shall ensure that its program is inclusive and is designed to meet the needs of all participants, including people with disabilities, women, youth, nomads, or other groups that may be excluded if special efforts are not made to include them.
  7. Every civic education provider shall ensure that civic education activities are accessible, and shall give special consideration to ensuring that all participants have access to any relevant documents in an appropriate language, a suitable venue, and translation or interpretation services where needed.
  8. Every civic education provider is expected to make relevant use of human and material resources found within the area in which it is engaged to provide civic education.
  9. Every civic educator provider shall avoid actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and in the event of any such conflict shall notify the CMB X.
  10. Every civic education provider shall refrain from disclosing any confidential information acquired in the course of its work unless otherwise authorized by the CMB X, and will not use any such information for personal gain or the gain of a third party.
  11. Every civic education provider shall perform its duty in accordance with such other rules, regulations, and standards as may be set from time to time by the CMB X.
  12. Any civic education provider who violates or contravenes any of the above rules shall be liable to [the appropriate penalty or action for the context].