Web links

Useful Constitution-making Web Links 

Link: www.constituteproject.org (link is external) provides access to the world’s constitutions to read, search and compare
Constitutional Transitions
Link: www.constitutionaltransitions.org (link is external) Provides access to knowledge about constitution making through research and the Constitutional Transitions Clinic of NYU
Constitution Net
Link: www.constitutionnet.org (link is external) Provides tools and analysis about constitution-making processes
Open Democracy
Link: www.opendemocracy.net (link is external) Provides analysis on democracy issues, including constitution-making processes
Link: www.iconnectblog.com (link is external) Provides updates and analysis on important new constitutional cases, amendments, constitution-making efforts and other new developments.

Links to Websites with a regional focus


African Network of Constitutional Lawyers — www.ancl-radc.org.za (link is external)
The goal of the ANCL is to contribute to the development of democracy and constitutionalism, the protection of rights and the rule of law in Africa by providing a forum in which those involved in making, implementing and monitoring the implementation of constitutions and the promotion of rights can communicate with one another effectively.
CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW AND REFORM: And the Adherence to Democratic Principles in Constitutions in Southern African Countries – www.afrimap.org (link is external)
Provides an overview of constitution-making in Southern Africa

Middle East

Constitution Watch –www.middleeast.newamerica.net/constitution_watch (link is external)
A website that seeks to serve as a hub for all information pertaining to constitution-making in countries in the Middle East and North Africa
Middle East Constitutional Forum — www.righttononviolence.org/mecf/ (link is external)
A website which seeks to serve as a comparative, historical and analytical tool and a comprehensive constitutional resource for the broader Middle East region.


Official national constitution-making bodies or processes

Websites focused on providing constitutional resources or support on a single country