What’s being said

"As I dream of a society founded on a constitution that reflects and promotes the legitimate aspiration of the people, my anticipated thoughts value such a handbook as breakthrough that will enlighten not only practitioners but also academics."

Peacebuilder from Puntland, Somali Region


“The legitimacy of a constitution is dependent on the quality of the process to develop it. If managed well and in an inclusive manner, a constitution can be a vital contribution to peace and stability. If the process is poorly managed, the seeds of future conflict can be sown”.

Scott M. Weber, Director-General of Interpeace


"Drafting a constitution is one of the most sensitive tasks in the aftermath of a conflict: agreeing on rules to regulate power after having fought for it will never be easy. This handbook will help practitioners navigate  through the shoals of a political process, illuminating through concrete examples the inevitable trade-offs that need to be accepted and the hard choices that need to be made."

Jean-Marie Guéhenno – Director of the Center for International Conflict Resolution, SIPA, and former Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations


"I wish 'Constitution-making and reform: options for the process' had been available to the international community when I was the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan. This book asks the right questions."

Lakhdar Brahimi – Former Foreign Minister of Algeria and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General to South Africa, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq


"Like so many great and important ideas, you wonder why someone hasn't done this before."

Jean-Marie Guéhenno on the Constitution-making handbook for peace


“Reforming or making a constitution – it’s a once in a generation opportunity. We need to take the time to get it right.”

Nicholas Haysom – Director of Political Affairs, Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General